Read Aloud Presentation: A Reflection




As this was my first read aloud ever, I had been very nervous before and during the entirety of the presentation. Thanks to an encouraging audience and great feedback, however, I know that with practice I will improve over time.

Armed with a few goals to hit upon during my presentation, as I outlined in my report, I attempted to engage with the audience by having them repeat some of the lines with me and ask them questions to have them think critically about the picture book. Unfortunately, nerves got the best of me, so although I asked two questions that I had prepared, and I did teach the class something about bees, I didn’t ask all the questions I had wanted to originally. Also, I failed to get the audience to repeat the line I wanted them to during the presentation. Nevertheless, I was happy that the audience attempted to guess at my questions and I noticed a few of them laughing at certain pages in the book, which gave me more confidence as I read, knowing that my book choice was successful.

Based on the feedback that I received afterwards, I have to work on my voice inflection and tone, have more expressions, ask more questions/teach more (like I did with the “bee” page) and speak louder. I wish the nerves hadn’t gotten the better of me, because I had fully intended to ask more questions and give a “fun fact” about the “bat” page as well, which students noted they wanted more of. I also am aware that I need to work on being more expressive with my voice and face – which I think, mostly, just comes from practice. Also, a very helpful piece of advice I was given was, in order to get the kids to repeat with me, to pose the line in the form of a question. I will absolutely be sure to do that next time, as it’s a great tip and I noticed that students who presented after me did that too, with great success.


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