Read Aloud Redo Presentation: A Reflection




After comparing my thoughts and my fellow classmate’s feedback from my original Read Aloud to my redo Read Aloud, overall I’m glad I redid the assignment. Although unfortunately the feedback from students was more (constructively) critical this time around, I was more confident during this Read Aloud and felt I corrected some of my previous mistakes, including speaking louder, with more clarity, and having more inflection in my tone. In the future, I will continue to work with inflecting my tone – which will be easier to practice with books that have dialogue – and definitely work on eye contact and facial expressions, which I still struggle with.

In this redo, I also didn’t let nerves get the best of me and asked nearly every question and relayed every fact I had wanted to tell the class – but this may have been to my detriment this time around. Several students noted in the feedback that I disrupted the flow of the story, so in future read-alouds I’ll have to find a better balance and ask myself: what pages really require explanation, what pages should just be enjoyed, and how can I spread it out enough that it doesn’t affect the story or their understanding and enjoyment of it?

Also, lastly, the most consistent criticism I received was if the questions were appropriate for my audience of 5 to 7 year olds. This, I feel, will only improve with exposure to kids of different ages to gage their interests, attention spans and intellect. I am planning to become a school media specialist, so hopefully I will be working with kids in the near future to understand them better and what they may or may not be able to handle. I also hope to talk to children’s librarians to ask them the kinds of questions they ask their audiences of varying ages.


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