Selection & Evaluation

Teaching Your Kids About Stories

At the Hicksville Public Library
For Kids in K-2

The importance of stories and storytelling for the human race throughout time cannot be understated, and for all parents with young children, you know that your kids are already storytellers who want their voices to be heard. And, studies have shown, through stories kids develop understanding of what it is to be part of the world, who they are and how to be empathetic, as well as learn language and vocabulary skills and have their creativity encouraged.

The materials listed below, most of which can be found here at the Hicksville Public Library, are recommended starting points to teaching your kids (ages 5-7) about what stories are, how they’re important, and even to start making their own stories!

What Are Stories?


Picture Book:
I Am A Story
by Dan Yaccarino
Harper, 2016, ISBN: 9780062411068

A simple but informative history of storytelling, from cave drawings to e-books, and a beautifully illustrated introduction to stories in their many forms.

Where To Find It: Hicksville JUV – E YACCARINO


E-Book Read-Along:
Read Anything Good Lately?
by Susan Allen and Jane Lindaman, Ill. by Vicky Enright
Millbrook Press, Tumbleweed Press Inc., 2007

An interactive read-along with music that reinforces knowledge of the alphabet as well as showing kids that books can come in many different forms, like “B for biographies” that they can read in bed!

Where To Find It: TumbleBooks on the Hicksville Public Library Website

Storyteller Podcast:
The Story Tree (A Native American Tale) 
performed by Bob Reiser (15:42)

A performance of a folktale in an audio file, kids can experience oral storytelling similar to how humans did many years ago. While exploring the website, which offers many oral folktale performances for free, kids may also begin to understand that stories were how people made sense of the world around them – like how stories came to be from the Story Tree in Native American folklore.

Where To Find It: The Story Bee Website

Stories About Stories & Storytellers

FFGraphic Novel:
Written and Drawn by Henrietta by Liniers
TOON Books, 2015, ISBN: 9781935179900

Henrietta, a little girl with a big imagination, writes and illustrates her own comic about monsters while simultaneously showing kids that they, too, can create their own stories and graphic novels. 

Where To Find It: Interlibrary Loan; East Meadow JUV – FIC Liniers/GRAPHIC

Picture Book:
Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein BB
Candlewick Press, 2010, ISBN: 9780763641689

Little Red Chicken is ready for a bedtime story, but not so ready for the original endings of some well-known fairytales…so interrupting papa is the only option. Little Red Chicken becomes a storyteller and resorts to making a new bedtime story, with amusing results.

Where To Find It: Hicksville JUV – E STEIN


Picture Book:
Bear Has a Story to Tell by Philip C. Stead, Ill. by Erin E. Stead
Roaring Brook Press, 2012, ISBN: 9781596437456

Bear has a story to tell before hibernating for winter, but his friends need help to prepare for the season too and are too busy to listen. Then spring comes and bear forgets his story – until his friends remind him to start at the beginning.

Where To Find It: Hicksville JUV – E STEAD

Frederick by Leo LionniDD
Alfred A. Knopf, 1995, ISBN: 9780307974501

A beloved classic now available in a new format, Leo Lionni’s distinctive style remains as timeless as ever in the story of Frederick, a field mouse who gathers words, feelings and colors during the summer and becomes a storyteller and a poet in the winter, nourishing his family in a different way than food.

Where To Find It: Nassau Digital Driveway, Hicksville

 Making Their Own Stories

HHWordless Picture Book:
Journey by Aaron Becker
Candlewick Press, 2013, ISBN: 9780763660536

A girl takes a red crayon and draws her way into a journey through fantastic and colorful places. With no words to guide the reader, kids can make up their own stories about her adventures armed with their own metaphorical red crayon.

Where To Find It: Hicksville JUV – E BECKER

AAPicture Book:
Any Questions? by Marie-Louise Gay 
Groundwood Books, 2014, ISBN: 978062411068

Illustrious children’s author Marie-Louise Gay answers some questions about herself but, more importantly, gives kids an inside look on how she creates her stories and inspires them to do the same with their own blank sheet of paper.

Where To Find It: Hicksville JUV – J 818 GAY

Storytelling App:
by Google, Inc.ZZ
iOS and Android; Compatible with phone, tablet and chromebooks; Free

An easy-to-use app that encourages a kid’s imagination, Toontastic teaches storytelling by having kids narrate and move their characters around to make their own cartoon.

Where To Find It: The Toontastic Website and the Apple Store.

Storytelling App:
by Imagistory Publishing Limited
iOS; Compatible with iPad; Free

A user-friendly app that encourages both language skills and the imagination, kids can look through these wordless stories and record their own narratives to match what they see.

Where To Find It: The Imagistory Website and the Apple Store.


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